The Best Baby Vaporiser in Australia

The Best Baby Vaporiser in Australia

Posted by Narelle Spencer on 24th Aug 2022

Here, at Snotty Noses, we love products that work! So, it’s no surprise that we are always on the look for products that make mumlife a little bit easier!

Getting adequate sleep is so important for the health of everyone in the family. That’s why we created  Hush Baby Ultrasonic Vaporiser!

Let's learn the secret to sleep transformation....

How does a sleep vaporiser work?

So, how does a vaporiser help babies and children sleep? 

Vaporisers work to increase the moisture in the air by releasing a cool mist vapour. This helps to avoid the dehydrating effects of dry air that arise during the cooler seasons, when natural air humidity drops. 

Constant exposure to dry air can result in irritations to respiratory passages in the body or external skin issues like eczema and flaky, itchy skin. 

By restoring moisture levels in the air, an ultrasonic humidifier, like Hush, can make the home environment more comfortable so that you and your family can breathe easier as you sleep.

The Hush Ultrasonic Vaporiser also helps to purify the air in your home. It creates and releases negative ions that react with dust particles and other impurities floating about. By removing these nasties from the air, the general well-being of your family will increase.

How does a baby vaporiser work

Are Vaporisers safe for babies?

When it comes to choosing a humidifier for your baby’s health, we recommend using cool mist vaporisers (rather than hot steam) simply because they are the safest option! 

It goes without saying that hot steam vaporisers and humidifiers have the potential to burn children or older babies who manage to get too close. As well as potential burns, warm steam can result in too much moisture in the air which then may cause mould to start growing. Steam also makes the room hot and stuffy. 

Our all-new Hush Vaporiser uses minimal water and cool mist technology to provide up to 12 hours of continuous relief. It truly is a smart and safe option to use around your little ones.

Are vaporisers safe for babies?

Are Vaporisers Good for Babies and Children?

Achieving optimal air humidity levels might seem challenging, but an  ultrasonic vaporiser can help, thereby relieving winter ailments such as dry skin, blocked sinuses and other breathing and respiratory issues. 

For babies and little children who have difficulty with congestion, a humidifier will help to ease their symptoms so that they can breathe and sleep better. With better quality of sleep, cold and flu durations can be reduced as children will have a better chance to recharge and fight off the virus.

Why ultrasonic vaporisers are good for babies

What is red light therapy

In a world full of glowing lights, it’s important to know some of the effects that light has on the body. Exposure to natural light, from sunrise to sunset, is a key factor in helping to keep our bodies functioning in correct sleep-wake cycles. 

However, since the introduction of artificial light, and the increase in exposure to blue light from TVs, devices and fluorescent lights, these sleep patterns have been negatively impacted. 

Exposure to blue light actually works to suppress melatonin production in the body. Since melatonin is the hormone that makes us feel sleepy and ready for bed, it’s easy to see how sleep issues are present in much of the population. 

But there’s good news. Studies have shown that red light therapy helps to prompt a number of health benefits.

Red light therapy to help babies sleep better at night

What does red light therapy do?

Red light therapy involves exposing a particular non-harmful frequency of light to the body or eyes that produces soothing and healing responses in the body’s cellular functions. It is the opposite to high-frequency, stimulating “blue light” found in fluorescent lights, TVs, Ipads and Mobiles. 

Including a red night light in your baby’s room could be a positive step in helping your baby achieve longer, deeper, more restful sleep. And, this sleep is so important for their healthy growth, development and immunity. 

Melatonin is secreted by the body during darkness. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how blue light exposure prevents our bodies from functioning correctly. Red light, on the other hand, has been shown to have no negative impact on melatonin production, meaning you can still provide a comforting night light in your child’s room that won’t disturb them. 

Our clever Hush Ultrasonic Vaporiser includes a red light setting that will ensure maximum melatonin production as your baby sleeps. The red light can be set to bright or dim and can even be further dimmed by adding the removable covers.

And, with an additional 6 other colours, you have a variety of mood lighting to choose from to help create a calming, relaxed sleep environment or an ambient mood lighting in a living area.

Why should you use a red night light for in your baby's nursery

When do babies need light nights?

Newborns sleep better in a very dark room. However, parents need to check on baby multiple times a night. So a low dimmed red nightlight a few metres away from the cot allows parents to check on baby without switching on a bright ceiling light. 

From anywhere between 9–22 months of age, babies can start to become scared of the dark. Bad dreams and night terrors can develop between 2-3 years. So, it makes sense to use a soft red night light to help minimise these fears and set up good sleeping habits from a young age.

Hush has  Hush ultrasonic vaporiser removable covers which keeps red light shine to a minimum. The soft red glow (especially shining through the cloud cover) will be familiar and reassuring to young children, well into the primary years.

Using red light therapy as a night light option can even work to prevent night waking. This is especially so with red light because these low wavelength light emissions don’t stimulate the body to wake up, but rather help our bodies to continue to produce melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel drowsy and helps us sleep. 

We think using such a night light is a genius idea! Especially when it comes to middle-of-the-night feeds and nappy changes. You’ll be able to see well enough to help your baby, but the light won’t cause him to be overstimulated and decide it must be time to wake up!

How a night light can help baby sleep better

Where to place a vaporiser in the baby room

Since you’ll want the benefit of the vapours to flow throughout the whole room, the most important consideration for where to place your baby humidifier should be how effectively you wish to disperse the mist into the air. 

Choose a firm, flat and high place to put your vaporiser so that the vapours can mix easily with the air. And, you’ll want to make sure it is outside of baby’s reach to avoid any accidents. 

The awesome thing about a Hush Ultrasonic Vaporiser is that it uses cool mist technology, so you can rest assured there is absolutely no risk of causing burns or mould build up in the room! 

The room does not need to be ventilated with an ultrasonic vaporiser, so the nursery door can be open or closed.

Where to place a ultrasonic baby vaporiser in the nursery

Do cool mist vaporisers make the room cold?

While it may seem as though a cool mist vaporiser will make a room cold, this is not actually the case. The term “cool mist” is a way to differentiate between hot steam vaporisers, however the water is from the tap, at room temperature. 

The cool mist is not strong enough to significantly affect the temperature levels of a room either way, but due to its ability to increase air humidity, it may make a room feel 1-2 degrees warmer! 

It is worth noting that a drop in temperature during the middle of the night can often cause babies to wake. So, making sure your little one has enough layers to keep them warm as they sleep is another way to combat disruptive night waking in children.

Does cool mist vaporisers make the baby room cold

How does a cool mist vaporisers work?

Cool mist vaporisers are the safer option to use with children. This is because they rely on high-frequency vibrations to change water into vapour, in the form of fine mist into the air. This eliminates the risk of burns and condensation as there is no boiling or heating of the water to create vapours. 

Additionally, ultrasonic humidifiers are quieter, more energy efficient and can often be smaller in size than other types of vaporisers. Due to these factors, they are a preferable choice for families with small children who wish to use a vaporiser around the family home without risk of accidents or potential burns.

Cool mist vaporisers vs hot steam humidfifiers

Isn't Hot Steam Better for a Cold?

There’s no doubt that a short burst of hot steam opens the airways, relieves congestion, clears the nose and soothes a cough. In times of sickness, both babies and adults feel refreshed and more comfortable after 10 minutes in a soothing hot shower or bath. 

However running a steam vaporiser for hours and hours can be dangerous and make the room hot and stuffy. In addition, the steam needs to travel a few metres to bub and cool during this process, so any benefits of the “steam effect” are lost.

Steam has a place to relieve cold symptoms but it is best delivered via a short time in the shower or bath.

Using hot steam to relieve a baby cold

Can I use Vicks Vaposteam in a cool mist vaporiser?

No. We recommend only using  100% pure baby essential oils and clean tap water in our cool mist Hush Vaporisers. This ensures that the internal mechanisms in the vaporiser don’t get clogged and you get the best performance from your machine. 

Vaposteam Inhalants (from a pharmacy) contain a lot of “carrier oil” as well as menthol and eucalyptus, which can quickly clog the finer working parts of an ultrasonic vaporiser. 

You should always aim to use the purest, best quality essentials oil you can find. This ensures you are not exposed to synthetic ingredients, which have no benefit on health and well-being whatsoever. The purer the essential oil, the better it will be in providing healing and soothing benefits to your family.

Which essential oils to use with your ultrasonic baby vaporiser

Why do babies sleep with white noise?

Newborns are very familiar with gentle, consistent sounds and rhythms as the in-utero environment is a constant symphony of heartbeat, swishing fluids and even outside noises and the vibration of voices. So it makes sense to replicate these soothing sounds from birth. 

White noise is the term frequently used to describe any repetitive, low frequency sounds such as rain, waves, heartbeats, shushing or meditation music. However, pink noise and brown noise are more effective as they are recorded at a lower, deeper frequency. 

In the presence of brown noise, baby is often able to settle and get better rest. This may seem unusual, but brown noise is noise that masks other more disruptive sounds (eg barking dog, garbage truck, other siblings) to encourage children to fall asleep easier. 

Brown noise for babies has been proven to reduce agitation, alleviate anxiety and lower stress levels. It may take some time to experiment with which sound therapy your child responds positively to; everyone is different, after all! But once you find what works best for you and your family, and use it consistently, it can become the foundation of a good bedtime routine.

Why do babies sleep better with white noise

A baby humidifier isn’t an instant solution, but with continued use you will start to see the benefits of using sound, light and aroma therapies from devices like the  Hush Ultrasonic Vaporiser for babies Often, it takes a little time and patience, but with the help of Hush, you will be able to nurture a better sleep routine for your baby or toddler. 

The arrival of a baby can be an expensive time for parents, so it makes sense to invest in a high quality sleep aid that has multiple functions and will only take up a small amount of room on a nursery shelf. 

If you have any questions about how the Hush Ultrasonic Vaporiser can transform sleep and good health in your home, please don’t hesitate to  contact us here at Snotty Noses. We are always happy to chat with you about health solutions for your family.