5 Reasons a Red Night Light is Better Than Darkness

5 Reasons a Red Night Light is Better Than Darkness

Posted by Laura Klein on 26th Nov 2018

Many parents are afraid to use a nightlight in their child's room for fear that it will keep their little one awake, or cause sleep disturbances. But there are some scientific reasons why a red night light can be introduced at any age, and why it can help your baby, toddler or older child sleep better than in total darkness.

1. "Red Light" is scientifically proven to help the production of the sleep hormone melatoninHealth.com reports melatonin signals to the brain that it's time for sleep. Melatonin lowers the heart rate, and relaxes the muscles.  

No other light colour has this natural affect on the body.  Total darkness does not produce the same level of melatonin as red light. 

2. Scary dreams:  Toddlers and preschoolers are notorious for imagining there is a monster under the bed, or a ghost lurking in the dark corner of their room.  A soft, red glow night light helps calm their fears, and removes scary shadows, with out being too bright to disrupt sleep. 

3. Midnight toilet stops and drink - Once your toddler moves from a cot to a big bed, they often need to go to the toilet or get a drink of water in the middle of the night.  This pattern can continue long into childhood.  If their room is in total darkness, they may be scared or unable to navigate their way to the bathroom, or find their drink bottle on their bedside table.  

A gentle warm nightlight provides just enough light to find their way, and by age 5 they will start to do these activities independently.

4. Lost Teddies and Dummies:  It's the dreaded 2am call out from your baby, toddler or child. They've lost their dummy, teddies or blankie somewhere in the cot, bed or on the floor.  

It's hard to find in the dark, yet a warm red nightlight provides just enough vision to find their bed buddy and get everyone back to sleep quicker, without the need to turn on a disturbing white ceiling light.

5. A Quick Check From Mum and Dad - As parents, we always like to check on our little ones before heading to bed ourselves. It's hard to do in a dark, dark room, so a nightlight makes it easier to check those eyes are closed and the blankets are tucked in, without fumbling for the hallway light. 

And a bonus tip....

Have you discovered the benefits of white noise for sound sleep?  Scientifically proven and endorsed by sleep experts all over the world to help all ages of children and adults fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, transition between sleep cycles, and resettle after a momentary waking. Three Sheep Sound Therapy pictured above.

HUSH has a built in night light, that can be set to a red light. So it's 2 products in 1, and can help babies and children sleep better 365 nights a year.

We recommend using them every night, not just in times of sickness, for optimum health and sleep, with no issues regarding heat, steam or condensation.

You can use them with plain tap water or add a few drops of Sleep Organic Essential Oil for calm, restful bedtimes. 

Let us help transform sleep in your home tonight. 

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